Name: Demon -> Ender
Price: 14.99

All Servers

  • Chat format: 
  • Crystal multiplier: 380%
  • Dark Purple name in tab list


  • Access to /fw
  • Elytra

TNT Wars

  • Dispenser Fill: Dispensers are automatically filled with stacks of TNT when placed
  • Ender Aura: Your whole team is awarded Regeneration II
  • Nether Blocks: You use Nether Brick instead of Stone Brick 
  • Extra Hearts: Extra 6 hearts
  • Armour Upgrades:
    Diamond Chestplate: Blast Protection IV
    Diamond Leggings: Blast Protection IV
    Diamond Boots: - Blast Protection IV, Feather Falling IV, Depth Strider IV
  • Pickaxe Upgrade: Diamond Pickaxe | Efficiency IV
  • Axe Upgrade: Diamond Axe | Efficiency IV
  • Shovel Upgrade: Diamond Shovel | Efficiency IV
  • Shears Upgrade: Efficiency IV


  • Access to /enderchest
  • Access to /feed
  • Colour codes can be used on signs
  • Access to 6 private chests (/pv)
  • Able to start 10 auctions at once
  • Access to /repair
  • Access to /heal
  • No hunger
  • Access to /fly in spawn and your island
  • Access to /repair all
  • Access to /autostack
  • Access to /autosmelt